Wild and Free

After a handful of rejections from publishers, I wandered away from writing thinking I was ‘not good enough’. Writing became a chore, and my heart felt guarded from wounded pride.

The nudge to jump back into writing has been persistently growing stronger. Today is the day!

So here I am, changing things up on my blog a bit. I will be less about perfection and more about messy and authentic. I’m casting off well-crafted posts for raw and real. It is my hope that in this new found freedom in my writing, I can delve deeper with my Savior; letting him walk hand-in-hand with me in the process of sharing even when it feels a bit out of control or out of the bounds of the expectations I placed so rigidly on myself to fulfill as a writer. I’m just a humble storyteller weaving together grace-filled ramblings of hope and redemption

Here’s to wild, messy, crazy-beautiful, recklessly-abandoned writing as one who is free!

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