Becki K. Campbell

wife, mom, teacher, + storyteller

Hey there!

I live with my family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest state of Oregon. A man who shows me God’s amazing love daily calls me his wife, and four beautiful kids who teach me not to take life so seriously call me mom. When I’m not making my home, hanging out with my kids, teaching middle school English, I write.

Life gets incredibly messy with a schedule that seems perpetually packed. But I’ve found the chaos of life as a wife, mom, teacher, and writer to be ripe with lessons. In the thick of it all, I’m learning so much. I’m learning how to laugh, how to love well, and to be okay with the mess. Mostly, I am learning how to give myself and others grace–the same grace I’ve been freely given in Jesus.

I’m here telling my story because I believe grace is the absolute sweetest gift. I’m here to share snapshots of my life with you, hoping it will help free you from the lie that you have to have it all together. This is a place for us to celebrate together what we’ve been freed from and what we are freed to: an abundant life in Jesus, who loves us just as we are. Let’s dive in!

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